Our Wellbeing Page

We want to help our members in any situation they may arrive in during their time at Royal Holloway. The first thing to know is that you're not alone.


We want our captains and committee members to be approachable in every situation, but sometimes you might feel unsure or worried about who to contact. 


Although some of us have had wellbeing training, the best place to contact may be the Student's Union, as they have guidance for all issues, regarding well-being, housing, academics and finances. So we recommend you to contact them in times of need too, visit their website: https://www.su.rhul.ac.uk/advice/

Important Links


Any help regarding your academic studies. 


Any help regarding your well-being. 


Any help regarding your housing situations. 


Any help regarding harrassment. 


Any help regarding your finances during studies. 

Legal Advice

Any help regarding legal advice.

Other Important Links

Mental health

Mental health shows itself in many different forms, which includes. but not limited to; anxiety, depression, anger, or eating disorders. If you are suffering, reach out to people you are close to. There are crisis hotlines available. 

In an emergency:

- Call 999 or visit your local A&E.

In crisis:

- Call NHS 111 or contact your GP.

- Contact the Samaritans,

- Use the 'Shout' crisis text line - text SHOUT to 85258

Sexual Health

The NHS recommends that all sexually active people have an STI test once a year, even if you have no symptoms. It's also recommended that you, and your partner, take a test before starting a new relationship. Although the tests taken depend on your circumstances, you can take many (but not all) of them at home. Talk to your GP, or see the links below:

Facing a hate crime

If you have faced a hate crime, please look at the resources below on how to report if you are unsure. If you have faced a hate crime, you can also contact someone on committee so you can be aided during the process. 

Facing bullying or abuse

If you are currently experiencing bullying or abuse, whether; physical, mental or cyber, reach out for help. You may not know how, or you might be scared, to reach out, so here are some links below.