Come Down to Our Weekly Wednesday Socials! 

Socials are a big part of the biggest club on campus - every Wednesday we get together to celebrate the spicy skills that the day's BUCS matches have seen before heading off to the SU for a lil boogie. Hosting both alcoholic and non-alcoholic events, socials range from fancy dress to team nights to days out to places like liquid leisure - there's never a dull moment!!

Have a look at our upcoming socials in First Term!

Term 1 Socials

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Week 2 - 

Week 3 

Week 4 

Week 5 

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Week 7 - 

Week 8 - 

Week 9 - 

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Female Social Secretary - Ami Flora Locke 

Ayo hockey, this year as your female social secretary I will strive to ensure that all socials will run smoothly, and I will introduce timetables so that everyone is aware of the club’s ongoing events. It is really important to me that this year we come together as a club and expand our friendships across teams. I will achieve this through introducing socials that incorporate everyone, whether they’re a non-drinker or drinker. The socials will include some of our traditional ones such as Hockey Olympics and Pub-Golf, as well as incorporating new ideas like Liquid Leisure and more cross-over socials with the other sports clubs. It is fundamental to me that everyone is included and has fun, as a committee member I will also be available to talk to if there are any problems or ideas, I am approachable and would love to help with any social situations. 

Male Social Secretary - Jakey Wright