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How to join Hockey

There are many societies and sports clubs at Royal Holloway, so choosing which club you join and how can be difficult. So this will page will help you decide whether hockey is right for you, and how to join.

At Royal Holloway Hockey, we have a wide range of teams with a variety of abilities and experiences. You can turn up to the hockey pitch without a hockey stick, with no prior knowledge, and you will have place to fit in our Club.

We are the largest mixed club on campus, with nearly 150 annual members. We offer different levels of competitivity and standards, so whether you are a long-time playing county-level player, or never played, simply turning up to one of the ways listed below will allow you to get involved.

However, we don't ONLY play hockey. Becoming a member allows you to get involved in our weekly socials, regular charity events, and use our exclusive discounts.

For example, in 2020 we raised £2,090 for our BLM campaign, which went to Show Racism the Red Card and the Steven Lawrence Foundation. Additionally, we raised £1,314 for Movember and £1,039 for activism against gender-based violence. Our charity efforts were so impressive, Hockey won the Charity Crest award by the SU for 2020.

We host weekly socials, either hosted as a team or amongst the whole club, giving you plenty of opportunities to make new friends and create new experiences. We also host non-alcoholic or welfare-specific events to focus on your well-being. We even have our own Welfare Secretary to help you find the right support inside Royal Holloway.


Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved, with some below:

  1. Join a friend - if you have a friend already involved in Hockey, but you either haven't experienced hockey before or just haven't joined yet, the easiest way to get involved is to tag along with your friend to an event and make yourself known to one of our committee members. If your friend doesn't know, then check out our committee page.

  2. Attend an Active Session - every September, we work alongside the Sports Centre to offer hockey sessions which are coached by members of the Hockey Club. Using the Sports Centre's website or social media, you can find out when our Active Sessions are and then attend them. At these sessions, you can get more information about trials and training sessions.

  3. Attend Trials and Training Sessions - if you have found out when our trials or training sessions are, simply attending the sessions and asking around for the captain or committee member to get more information. To find this information, keep checking the website or visit our social media.

  4. Join the Freshers Facebook group - if you have Facebook and are looking to join Hockey this September, the best place to be is the Freshers Facebook page which you can join here. This will be where all the latest information about joining hockey will be and you can talk to current members to decide whether you want to join.

Hopefully, see you soon at the Astro!

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