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How to find us

Royal Holloway Hockey plays on the Astro field next to the Sports Centre car park.

Use Google Maps below to get directions.

Getting to the Sports Centre

To access the Sports Centre by car, you must drive through the entrance on Prune Hill. To access the Sports Centre any other way, you can walk down the slope at the end of the road from Wedderburn and Gower, walk down the slope for Runnymede, or through the car park from the back gate.

Accessing the Astro

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Sports Centre has added barriers to entering the sports facilities, meaning to access the Astro you must walk between the Sports Centre and the Gym.


If you are parking in the Sports Centre's car park, add your vehicle's registration to the number plate recognition system by entering it in the Sports Centre. Any vehicle not registered after 2 hours of parking will receive a parking ticket. Do not park on campus, please park your car in the Sports Centre's provided car park.

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