Membership Info

We are the largest sports club on campus, with currently over 150 members (both men and women) and we look forward to welcoming even more this year.

We cater for all standards, whether you are an international or complete beginner, there is a place for you in the club. Everyone who wants to join will make it on to a competitive team!  

Please follow the link below and sign into your Royal Holloway account using the student log in with your university email.  

Hockey Term Two/Three Standard Membership - £ 0.00  

This year there is an additional fee for the 'Sports Pass', which can be found here:


Sports Pass - £ 10.00

While the membership is £0.00, it is extremely important you purchase it through the SU website. The only way to vote in the Summer elections for our new committee will be if you have purchased this fee.

The payment might be daunting at first but there is an opportunity to earn some money through the club by umpiring matches and driving teams to and from games. For more info please contact our Treasurer Lewis Dean. 

Umpire Payments 

At the beginning of the term, we will run an umpiring course where you can get your Level 1 umpiring certificate. You can put this into practice throughout the term, our teams play at different levels therefore you can choose which level is appropriate for you. 

We pay depending on the level of your qualifications, and on the level of play, you're umpiring. This is a  great opportunity for our club members to earn some money to help pay your rent, fund Student Union habits or pursue your passion for umpiring. This starts at £15 for Level 1 Unassessed Umpires, £17.50 for First Team games and up to £21.25 per game with a Level 2 Qualification. 

For members who have recently umpired please press this button and proceed to fill out the form so you can get paid. You can umpire without umpiring qualifications if so, select Level 1 Unassessed on the form.

Driver Payments

Do you drive? If so you can be paid to drive your teammates to and from games.  We pay our drivers 30 pence per mile, we fill up our cars and travel far and wide for our away days. If you recently have driven for the club please fill out this form and send it to our Treasurer Lewis Dean.

Payment Portal

To see when you've been paid, how much, what for and what part of the process it is; login to the payment portal. Using your first name (or name given to you by the Treasurer) and your DOB (in the form DDMMYYYY). To get access, you will be given an account once you've completed either the driver or umpire payment form. 

Press the payment portal button and use your name and DOB to access it. If you're having problems refresh or try again later on.

Coach Invoice Form

For coaches, download from the button below and send to the Treasurer, or by submitting button above.

Membership Benefits

 As a member, you are able to enjoy benefits with companies associated with Royal Holloway Hockey Club.

Holly Tree logo

At The Holly Tree, as a member you can receive a discount of 20% off drinks and 25% off food.

The Holly Tree will be opening on 12th April as a beer garden, and they will only be taking bookings. Until then, please follow the directions below in order to have the discount:

  1. Be a member of RHUL Hockey through the SU,

  2. Enter your details into this form as accurately as possible, making sure everything matches with your ID and college card.

  3. Once verified, you will receive an image by email. This may take a few days, so please request this as soon as possible before pubs and beer gardens reopen.

  4. Use the ID generated to receive a discount at the Holly Tree!