President: Darragh Woods 

I'm Darragh, a Third Year Geography Student having played Hockey for Holloway for the past two years. From BUCS matches to Tour, and socials to trainings, the biggest sports community on campus is waiting to welcome you, or back, to Holloway next season! As we innovate our hockey programme, from redeveloping the way our teams play to overhauling our social media, I'm excited to #unleashthepotential of this already great club!

Vice Presidents

Navidu Vithana

Darragh - Club President.jpg

I’m Navidu, a Geography student at Royal Holloway. I have been part of the club for 3 years and as Male Club Sec, I’ll be working with the entire committee ensuring we have synergy within all of the committee as well as helping to organise major events such as Tour, Dinners and further external opportunities for the members. I am excited for the year to come and look forward to representing the club this year!

Claudia Hall 

I'm Claudia Hall, a Politics masters student and one of your club secs/VPs. Working with Nav we keep on top of admin, kit and equipment but also alongside the rest of the committee, I will ensure every club member is happy and feels included. So, look out for us spamming your hockey notifications and welcome to the club, one of the best uni decisions you'll make!


Club Treasurer: Lewis Dean 


Hello, I'm Lewis Dean, a second year studying mathematics & economics and I am Treasurer for the RHUL Hockey Club. This year I am focused on ensuring financial security and higher investment into our Club, through better socials and more coaches. I am also determined to make the behind the scenes work faster and more efficient, so umpires, coaches and drivers get paid as regularly as possible.

Club Fixture Secretary: TBC

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Mixed and Charity Co-ordinator: Caitlin Usher

I’m Caitlin. I’m a third year psychology student and I’ve been playing hockey for 12 years. Over the next year we want to continue the amazing work that has been done over the last couple of years. As a club we want to continue to raise money for a variety of charities, both within the club, and collaborating with other clubs and societies on campus. I want to organise some fun and interesting mixed tournaments, playing standard hockey as well as adding some interesting twists.

Club Media Secretary: Ellis Cooper

Hello, I am Ellis Cooper, a third year studying Film, Television and Digital Production. I am responsible for the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter socials. I will be taking photos of matches and making videos throughout the season to showcase what we get up to on a weekly basis. 

Male: Jakey Wright


Social Secretaries 

Hello! Together we work closely in order to organise all social aspects of the club. Every Wednesday there is a social without fail! Different themes and fun activities for all. Everyone is welcome! Don't hesitate to contact us through our socials or our contact page. 

Ami Flora Locke

Social Page